How do I capture the perfect moment?

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How do I capture the perfect moment?

It's all about being ready!

We've all been there haven't we? We notice the perfect moment and we think "I wish I had my camera on me!". Well, even if you had your camera on you would you have been ready to take that perfect picture?

Roux with a buttercupRoux with a buttercup

Let's look at this scenario. There's a beautiful family of rabbits just past you and they haven't noticed you yet. You were not planning on taking photos of rabbits today but you do have your camera on you.

  • You first need to get your camera out of your bag.

Lets assume the rabbits didn't notice the noise of the zipper and the rustle of your bag strap on your coat.

  • Now you need to make sure you have the right lens on the camera.

You're going to need that zoom lens as those bunnies are a fair way down the field. So you get the lens out and swap it over onto your camera. Lets assume that the rabbits still haven't heard you, or that click on the lens attaching to your DSLR.

  • Next you need to get your settings right on the camera to get your perfect shot.

What were you working on before? Oh, those settings won't do! But what do I need? You have a little play and get it roughly to where you think you need it. In this amount of time those fluffy bunnies and their cute little babies probably would have bounded off by now, but lets assume you're getting lucky and they're still there.

  • Let's fire off a test shot to see how your settings have turned out

Looking at the back of the screen, the test shot is a little off. So you adjust the settings a little to get it perfect. OK, we're set! Normally by now that cute little family would have heard that shutter fire off and all that movement of you setting up your camera. But just for this argument, lets say they haven't and you're now ready to take that picture!

  • You compose your image and fire off a few good shots.

Now you've got your shots you're happy with that, the happy fluffy family have hopped away.

  • Now you need to see what you've got!

You come home and load the images up onto the computer to see if they're as amazing as you think they are. But you're just not quite happy with the result. What is it? Maybe it's the lighting? But you couldn't move, if you did the family of rabbits would have surely noticed you! Then you wouldn't have gotten any images at all. And let's be fair, looking at all these steps, most rabbits would have been long gone before you even got your camera out of your bag!

Sometimes it's best not to take the picture!

Sometimes, if you think you're going to miss capturing that perfect moment, it's best to just enjoy it first hand instead of fumbling around trying to set up a camera. Or, if you think you have enough time, why not just use the automatic mode? Or your camera phone? You really do need to gauge how much time you have and if it's worth it!

What if you REALLY want to capture that perfect moment? Well, then you need to...

Be ready!

Gemma FisherGemma Fisher

Go out for that walk, but have your camera on a strap, any kind of easy access strap. I like to use OP/Tech Dual Harness Camera Sling (pictured above) which means I can use this for one or two cameras. Have the lens on that you will need, have the settings ready, do some test shots on things that don't move or aren't time dependant. If you want to get that sunset shot, check the weather? Will it be cloudy? and get there early!

Were you ever a scout or guide? Do you remember their moto? The same applies here!

Be prepared!

If you're not sure what lens or camera is best to take with you or you have any other questions, come and ask in our Facebook group.

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If you're not sure you can get to grips with it on your own, don't forget we do offer training as well!

Happy Shooting!


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