What to bring to your photo shoot?

What to Bring to your shootWhat to Bring to your shootWhat to Bring to your shoot What you need to bring:

  • Treats - Small, soft treats are best. For example Liver Cake.
  • A Favourite Toy - Something with a high reward value that your dog will get excited about. The noisier the better!
  • Poo Bags - Depending on how many dogs you have we might be a little while in the studio, we have ample exercise space but please no presents!
  • Any special toy / blanket / anything else - if you think you might want it in the photo, bring it along!
  • The Dog! - Don't forget that one!

What we have:

  • Various toys - they all make different noises, they're all different colours, lots to choose from.
  • Blankets - good for the older dogs of those who are more comfortable nesting.
  • Bench / Chair / Stool - Does your dog do some tricks that can be shown off with a chair? We have the props to help show them off!
  • Baskets - Puppies in baskets... that's my soft spot!
  • Lots more that I keep adding on, so just ask when booking if you're interested.